Custom Dog Tags for the Chicago Fire Department: A Hot Commodity

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Chicago Fire Department Custom Dog Tags

Recently we have been working with the Chicago Fire Department to produce promotional items for a fundraiser.

What first started out with custom dog tags with the Chicago Fire Department logo on them, has now turned into dog tags, keychains and necklace charms. These diecast products, with different color variations, have been selling very well and have become a hot commodity. Each item has the motto, “Everyone Goes Home” on back to give a personal touch. These are being sold to the members of the CFD and the general public as well. The line also includes a bottom rocker panel for paramedics as well.

Inola Castings is pleased with the success of the project and the quality of the diecast dog tags, keychains and necklace charms.

Are dog tags a good gift early on in a relationship?

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Only you know your boyfriend and his tastes. It has become quite fashionable for men to wear dog tags in civilian life.  Dog tags symbolize virility and strength of character. Giving them to your boyfriend would show how much you respect and appreciate him.  You can find many styles on the Internet, or you can go to your local jewelry store to see the selection they may have. You can customize the dog tags for his individual taste or have information about the two of you such as your names, birth dates, day you met, your first year anniversary and so on. You might even consider getting a matching set  to show the world the love  you have for each other.