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Made In Usa!

Inola castings continues to produce all its products locally using the tried and true process of spin casting. Spin casting is a very cost effective method to create custom designed products at very affordable prices, even for small quantities. The process is simple. A template is created by our craftsman, based on your design, then diecast in pewter or zinc alloy using a rubber or silicon mold. From start to finish a product can be designed, cast, and finished literally in a day. So speed is a huge advantage of spin casting.

What Works Best?

While we can cast almost anything, what works best is larger items: Our specialty is: BELT BUCKLES, MEDALLIONS, MEDALS, DOG TAGS, AND SPORTS TRADING PINS. We are happy to discuss any project you may have–just ask, we probably can do it.

Easy As 1-2-3!

  1. Email us your design ideas.
  2. We will prepare a quote and artwork proof for you to review.
  3. Once you are happy with the product we will promptly ship!

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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

“I received my order today. Thank you so much for your help and your prompt handling. Wishing you much success in your business.”

“Thank you for looking out for our costs. We are a small club, with shallow pockets. We appreciate your efforts to provide a quality, U.S.A. made, product at a price we can afford.”

“Thank you for the quick turn around, we appreciate it greatly.”

“I feel like I am your most important customer every time I call, even though I know that I don’t order as much as some of your other customers. When I am talking to you, you don’t make me feel like I’m less important to you because I am placing a small order.”

“Your pins trade 2 to 1 with the thinner pins that other teams are trading. I like these pins better because they are thicker and have a heavier feel.”

“Thank you for getting us our orders so quickly. The kids loved them and we ran out before opening ceremonies were over.”

“Your art department’s ability to transform our ideas is simply outstanding. This, coupled with the excellent quality of the finished product, gives us a very workable item to help promote our image.”

“This has been an easy process and you were great to work with. We are very pleased with the items.”

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