About Us

We have been fortunate enough to serve many of you for 25 years now, a privilege we have not taken lightly. Celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, Inola Castings remains committed to providing superior design, quality finished products and unmatched customer service. It is no accident, that Inola Castings is a leading manufacturer of custom cast metal products.   Our longevity and our loyal family of customers, attests to the guiding principle by which we operate, that is, always treat your customer the way you wish to be treated. As we expect the best from ourselves, you will always receive the best we can deliver! Thank you for your loyalty, we will continue to place our manufacturing facility and our customer service staff at your disposal, to ensure your vision, our products, fast.   When operation Desert Storm began in 1991, Inola Castings received national attention by making specialized bracelets for family and friends of servicemen and women in the Persian Gulf. Raising over $3,000 for the USO with the sale of these bracelets, the fund raising effort continued to multiply. In 1993, a devastating tornado tore through a small Oklahoma town. Inola Castings designed a pin helping the town raise $10,000 to rebuild. Years later, in 2001, people started to call to find out what kind of pin would be made to help the victims of 9/11. The United We Stand pin was created and raised over $400,000 for September 11th causes.   Inola Castings answered the call to action again in 2003, after the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Support Our Troops pin was designed as a mini dog-tag. Over $110,000 has been raised again for the USO with the sales from this pin. A history rich in support for those who serve our country as George Freeman, Inola Castings founder, started and which continues today.