Can I pay online? Yes, on the home page there is a paypal link at the bottom. Just enter your amount and reference the item(s) you are ordering.

I don’t have artwork but I have an idea. Can you do the artwork for me? Absolutely. We have made items from hand-written drawings and description. We’ll take your artwork in any format and convert it to manufacturing-ready artwork. Email your electronic artwork to us at dale@inolacastings.com.

When can I have my order? There are many variables that affect the time to make your item. If your item has many colors or intricate designs the turnaround time could be 3-4 weeks. Normally your order will be in your hands 3 weeks after you approve art. If your must have them in a certain number of days, just ask us. We can accommodate your most reasonable requests.

What about trademarks or licenses? We do not make items with licensed marks unless you hold the license. You will need to furnish proof that you have the right to use a trademark logo or artwork. You agree to hold us harmless if sued. If we learn after making a pin that a trademark was violated, we will turn the matter over to the proper authorities.

I don’t see what I’m looking for, is everything you make on this website? No. We only have some of the more popular items displayed and discussed here. We can do much more. Please contact us. david@inolacastings.com

I’m confused by all the items, can you help? Absolutely. Based on your art and budget, we will recommend the best option. We are experts at this and will guide you with honest answers and options every step of the way.

What file types do you like for art? We prefer files that are vector-based. Generally, these are files with extensions of .cdr and .ai although there are others. Send us your files in .tif .eps. .psd. We use Adobe Illustrator but can access any type of file. If you sent us vector-based graphics, we can quickly and easily manipulate your files to create a creative design.

What if I don’t like the product after I receive them? No worries. We stand behind what we sell. If there are manufacturing errors, we’ll fix them.