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Belting Out Your Fashion Statement with Custom Belt Buckles

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“ ‘Style’ is individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.”

So says John Fairchild.

Indeed, if you want to stand out and show your unique flair and sense of style, you sometimes need to customize your fashion accessories, one of which is your belt and belt buckle.  A customized belt buckle is an excellent way to express yourself in the way you want to. This allows you to make your own belt buckle and create whatever design you want. Continue reading “Belting Out Your Fashion Statement with Custom Belt Buckles” »

Buckle up, Cowboy!

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Western belt buckles are very much a cultural icon – part of the cowboy and rodeo champ mystique. They are bold, brash and worn with much pride (the bigger, the better). These buckles are sported not just by cowboys, but people from all walks of life. Celebrities, rock stars, oil tycoons and politicians have been known to include western belt buckles in their outfit. Indeed, these belt buckles provide one with an excellent way to express their individuality and fashion sense. Continue reading “Buckle up, Cowboy!” »