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What Do Bikes And Belts Have In Common?

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They have the Helenduro Challenge in common, because Inola Castings created the custom belt buckles that were awarded to the Helenduro finishers.  The Helenduro, is a race that is modeled after European Helenduro races, and is made up of sections that are timed. During the time-allotment sections, riders must race between 2 designated locations, there is typically a climb involved. If you are one of the first 2 riders to come in during the time allotment you will receive time bonuses, while riders that take longer than the time-allotment will receive a time penalty. The total score is determined by calculating the times, the time penalties and the time bonuses. The high score wins. The riders must race on the same bike, for the whole series. Continue reading “What Do Bikes And Belts Have In Common?” »

Creating a Treasured Custom Belt Buckle

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Ornate western belt buckles were popularized in America as trophies for rodeos; at the time, belt buckles were seen as very masculine. Since cowboy belt buckles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, the styles available to the public have branched from solely men’s belt buckles and varied accordingly over time.

The styles of belt buckles, are as diverse at the people who wear them. Belt buckles are often emblazoned with: Continue reading “Creating a Treasured Custom Belt Buckle” »

Designing Custom Belt Buckles

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A belt buckle is an often overlooked fashion statement. Many people wear belts just to keep their pants up, but a belt buckle can also make a statement about the person wearing it. Perhaps the reason they are so great is the sheer variety available. They can be little unobtrusive belt buckles that only the most keen of observers notice, or they can be monstrously large belt buckles that no one ignores.

Belt buckles should really be unique to the wearer; they are a creative personal message and should therefore be personalized. Some great ideas for a custom belt buckle: Continue reading “Designing Custom Belt Buckles” »