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Show Off your School, Club or Team Pride!

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Everyone has a favorite sport these days. You might be an avid basketball fan or a wild and crazy football fan. Fans of all sports enjoy collecting memorabilia from their favorite team. Fans collect baseball hats, pennants, balls and just about everything you can think of. One of the new trends for most sports fans is creating a unique belt buckle with the logo and mascot of their favorite team.

Let’s say you love the Bengals Football team. A classy belt buckle with the Bengal’s Tiger in an orange color along with the team name would let the whole world know who you are rooting for. And with prices so low at Inola Castings, you can afford to purchase enough custom belt buckles for all your friends or family members to enjoy one. It’s a great way to unite the whole office or sports team and custom made belt buckles are fun to wear. Continue reading “Show Off your School, Club or Team Pride!” »

Beautiful Belt Buckles Come in All Shapes and Sizes

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Belt Buckles are not just for cowboys anymore. These days just about everyone enjoys wearing beautiful and unique custom belt buckles. Belt Buckles are often worn by Hollywood’s most famous stars on the runway. They can be small, petite belt buckles covered with gemstones or large, showy colorful ones. Custom buckles come in all shapes too from hearts and flowers to easily recognizable shapes like the state of Texas.

At Inola Castings we allow you to work with our professional designers to come up with an unusual design that’s all your own. Firemen can design a custom made belt buckle in the shape of a fire truck for your entire fire house. This is great way to show everyone that you are a proud member of Firehouse #11. For years groups and organizations of all kinds have been utilizing the unique ability to custom design a belt buckle that promotes their cause or team sport. Continue reading “Beautiful Belt Buckles Come in All Shapes and Sizes” »

Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Belt Buckles

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At Inola Castings, we know about custom made belt buckles and have over 20 years of experience in the field of design and manufacture of quality belt buckles. We use only superior quality materials in our manufacturing process so that our customers can always count on getting an exceptional belt buckle they can enjoy for many years to come.

Once upon a time, belt buckles were simple square pieces of metal attached to a leather belt and used to hold up a man’s pants. But these days, belt buckles are used to unite clubs, sports teams and organizations. They are worn as a fashion accessory and many of Hollywood’s best known singers, actors and musicians wear them at all types of social events. Continue reading “Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Belt Buckles” »