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The Modern American Man and his Tribal Instincts

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The custom belt buckle we made for the PitBoss BBQ kit.It’s nice living in a modernized country where you can turn a faucet and get running water, drive a car to work and get there in less than a fortnight and where our tribal instincts lead us more to the gridiron than to the battlefield. But if you’re an American man, a part of you still longs for a time when men wore loincloths and threw spears at their prey.

Barbecue and custom belt buckles, then, call back a glorious past. Like a family crest in the medieval days, a big, bold belt buckle is like an emblem of one’s identity. Whether that means letting folks know better than to mess with Texas, bragging about our skills on the grill or just letting people know what our favorite TV shows are, a belt buckle sends a message loud and clear.

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